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The painting and polishing of wooden items go hand in hand so much that it is advised to do by the same contractor of wooden painting in Jaipur. Polish can get into painted surface and paint can get on to the polished surface, so you need to care about polishing and painting of wooden decoratives in Jaipur. You need to get two contractors of Wood Paint in Jaipur so that one can work on polish and the other can work on finishing of wooden items. You will also need to get a painter who will do minor pop work.

Types of wooden polish

The polishing step is performed on any item to bring out its natural colors and grains of the material used and also to enhance its beauty. The most commonly adopted polish for wooden work are :

  1. Vanish Polish
  2. Spirit or French polish
  3. Melamine based finish polish
  4. Polyurethane based finish polish

The style and finishing

If you want to have natural wood colors and grains then polishing should be done. The polish plays an important role to give an elegant look and richness to the overall interior. The materials involved in polishing process are available in high-gloss polish as well as matt-polish. You can choose the style of polish based on your interiors. In the matter of polish you can consult our Wood Polish Services in Jaipur they will correctly guide you to choose a paint color.

The PU polish works as both glossy finish and matt finish and has better shine and durability but are a little bit of expensive when we compare it to melamine polish. The grains present on the wood are characteristic types of wood and it is usually very expensive wood like as teak has grains which people prefer to be done. With our team, you will get the Best Professional wood Painting Service in Jaipur.

The Maintenance

The polish makes it easy to clean the surface. The surface which is exposed to sun require more care and these surfaces will require re-polishing process after some years and our team of Wood Furniture painting in Jaipur polishing contractors will help you to get in this process. If the surface is exposed to the sun for most of the time then you may also feel to try to paint on wood as the finishing option. The polishing of wooden interiors will be weak in contact of moisture. The wet weather will reduce the life of polish and you can get this best service at Furniture Polish In Jaipur.

Type of Wooden Paint

Wooden paint is opaque in nature coating which hides the grains and color of the interior in their place a surface of a whole different color and texture is used. If you will apply paint on wood then the grains of the wood will be hidden completely and changed by finishing done by the paint. For the servicing of wooden paint, you can consult our team Wood Furniture painting contractors in Jaipur and they will help you in the process.

The style and finishing of paint

The paint completly hides the finishing of the wooden interiors and grains of the interiors. Most of the time you may want to paint wood as the paint only handles the rough exterior whether and polish gets damaged quickly. You want to contact wood polish in Jaipur, paint plays an important to give glossy or matt finish to colors, shades and texture and which is not possible in a matter of polish because it's not available.

Weather effect

Wooden paint protects the wood from all kinds of weather this paint requires more time between two coats as it dries a bit slowly. You can get this service done by Wood Polish in Jaipur.

Types of Wood Paints

  1. Handmade wood polish (strait polish)
  2. Colour polish
  3. Melamine polish
  4. PU Polish
  5. Lekar polish
  6. Poly coat polish

Wood Polishing contractors of Jaipur Putaiwala will visit your site with a detailed product portfolio, and give your furniture or walls the much-needed makeover.

Wood Painting Process

Sanding the Wood

Our wood painting contractors will perform sanding the wood for preparing the woodwork and getting rid of the dust or lose the layer.

Polish the wood

We will apply the wood polish of your choice on the wooden surface or walls to give it a rich, glossy look.

Wood Polishing Technique

  1. Polishing Agents
  2. Solvents
  3. Emulsifiers/Surfactants
  4. Propellants

Our skilled wood painting contractors in Jaipur have experience of working on any category of wood, bet it mahogany or anything else.

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