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Oil Painting Services

Rusting is very common in iron and steel material. Oil paint is the most commonly and widely used material to protect metals. We apply protective paint systems that consist of primer, undercoats and finish coats. Metallic paint system is classified based on pigments used and binder (resin type).

Metal Oil Painting Process

New Surface

We start the process with surface preparation by sanding and cleaning. Our oil painting contractors then apply a primer coat of Oil Primer/Undercoat to newly plastered walls. Once the primer coat is absorbed, we will re-prime the wall with FPE Oil Primer/Undercoat to achieve a uniform film build.
We will let the coats dry naturally. Our oil painting contractors will apply one or two coats the chosen oil paint.

Re-painting Any Surface

In case, the surface is sound, and do not need any significant sanding or scraping, we will apply two coats of Matte Wall Paint following a light pole sanding and thorough cleaning to remove dust and foreign material.
Painted surfaces which do require heavy sanding or scraping will be cleaned and then primed with FPE Oil Primer/Undercoat or EUROLUX odourless primer. Once the surface is dried, our oil paint contractors will apply two finishes of Matte wall Paint. Allow overnight drying between coats.

Oil Paint Types

  1. Oil paint
  2. Matt finish
  3. Glossy
  4. High glossy

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