Exterior painting contractor Jaipur Putai Wala provide best quality exterior painting service in Jaipur

Exterior painting contractor in Jaipur

Have you ever imagine that what would happen if you go dress wearing dirty and poor? People will get distracted from you and they will not get interest about you same thing happens with home, the look of house is important from inside then it is also important to paint home from outside. So that everyone have a good impact about you and your house. Now that you have decided to paint your house from outside you will have to search for painting services in Jaipur.

Exterior painting of house

Even if we work on stucco, brick, wood sliding, vinyl, cedar shingles, or wood trim we have a team of top house exterior painter in jaipur which is expert in these types of works and have many years of experience to paint every types of outdoor area like wood, composite, vinyl and aluminum siding, fascia and eavestrough, stucco, decks, patios, and railings etc. Other than these if you want details in depth and want more to be done our team of house exterior painting contractor in Jaipur will visit you clear all your doubts and give you an approximation to complete work.

Simple procedure

We have the top most priority to meet all the requirement and don't waste your days. After you have completed booking an appointment of painting services, our team of Apex exterior paint contractor in Jaipur will plan a call for you to visit and setup your house to get painted you will have to provide the details like confirm paint color and all the details, you can move your furniture or any precious thing, will answer all the questions you have.

Color consultation

If you want to get painted the outside wall of the house and want any help to decide about color or want any inquiry you can consult to our team Apex Ultima Protek painting contractor in Jaipur and can have the best wall painting in Jaipur. While choosing the right color we may want to know your interest so that it can be cleared to know about paint color. You don't have to get worried alone we are with you. We can sit together discuss all the things you want from wall painters in Jaipur service. These experts will get a look throughout the basics of the color themes and texture and pick the right color that will look great on your space.

Pricing that you will love

With our team of Asian Apex Ultima exterior painting contractor in Jaipur, you may receive a personalized proposal through any estimation or email which will include all the details which will clearly state all our services policy and total cost of the service you are opting for. We offer the best services and reasonable prices so that you don't have to worry about your pocket also and work will be finished on time.

Your office also need the new look

If you want to impress the client with the change of your office or office building we can also provide the office exterior painting contractor in Jaipur and you can explain all the requirements to our teammates and you are done with your job we will do our job at it best. Now when you are getting your house painted, your office will also need a new look to make amaze all the clients you just have to consult to our office exterior painter in Jaipur so that you can get a professional look for your office.

Exterior painter in Jaipur

We aim to get the service done on time and give you the best services through best exterior painter in Jaipur. We will look out all the requirements thoroughly and make sure that no more touch-ups are needed.

Jaipur Putaiwala is a premier house painting company. We provide cost-effective exterior painting services in and around Jaipur city.

We offer a range of exterior painting services that include, but not limited to-

  • House exterior painting
  • Commercial exterior painting
  • Exterior wall paint products
  • Texture painting
  • Wood Painting services
  • Stencils
  • Waterproofing
  • Metal painting
  • Matt Finish exterior wall paintings
  • High Sheen exterior wall painting
  • Super Sheen exterior wall painting

Our exterior wall painting process is simple and fast. Our exterior painters perform site visit to evaluate the area and condition of exterior, and give you the best quote for our exterior painting services.

Our Exterior Painting Process

Step 1: Apply Birla Putty
We apply 2 coats of Birla White Putty to fill up all cracks and holes on the wall. It will create a smooth and even surface for the paint work. We let it dry naturally.

Step 2: Sanding and Leveling
Our exterior all painters will perform sanding to remove all dirt, dust and excess putty, and level up the surface.

Step 3: Apply Exterior Primer
We will apply one coat of Asian exterior primer to prepare the walls for paint. It will increase the durability and quality of the exterior wall.

Step 4: Apply Exterior Paint
Our Exterior paint contractors will discuss the color with you. Once decided, we will apply two or three coats of chosen exterior paint on the exterior walls.

Re-painting Services

Step 1: Surface Preparation
We will scrape the surface to remove existing paint coat. Sanding and cleaning will be performed to ensure the wall is clean, dry and paint-free.

Step 2: Apply Birla Wall Putty or POP
We will apply two coats of Birla White Putty or POP to fill up cracks, holes, and create a smooth, even surface.

Step 3: Sanding and Leveling
We will do regmal sanding job to leveling the wall shape and make sure walls should not have any cracks or any unwanted things then we are ready to paint.

Step 4: Apply Exterior Primer
We will apply one coat of Asian Exterior primer to build a foundation for wall painting. If required, we apply second coat. It improves paint adhesion and improves durability of paint layer.

Step 5: Apply Exterior Wall Paint – Final Touches
Our Jaipur house painters will consult with you about the paint colors and exterior wall paint designs. Once decided, we apply two or three coats of chosen paint on walls. if walls height are bigger we use jhula to reach at the location .

To check our exterior painting work samples, Click here

Exterior Colors

Exterior colors choice are totally on customer. In market many paint color are available for interior walls we showing asian exterior paint.
We have arranged below exterior paint in low to hight in quality and price.

  1. Ace exterior emulsion Asian
  2. Apex weatherproof emulsion
  3. Apex Ultima
  4. Apex Ultima Protek

Need a Quote

Feel free to reach us to get a free quote for your exterior wall painting work. We are just a call or chat away.