Tips for Choose Exterior Paint For Your House


Picking up the perfect paint colours for your house is just a time taking task and we are home painter in jaipur Along with that it can be terrible also, you have to choose up a colour that is blah and your house will be looking like flat and featureless.

We are best painter in jaipur and When you are going to choose the colours make sure that they are not too bold. By choosing the right exterior for wall painting of house colours or any exterior house colour combinations can make big change in your life. Here are some of the tips which will help you to find the right exterior colour for your house.

1. Honor History

When you wish to paint an older home from house painter in jaipur, keep in mind that you have to use a historically accurate colour theme. Even if you want professionalism you can hire a painting contractor who will analyse the old paint patch and will help you to recreate an original colour.
But if you don’t want to do it, you can also go with a colour chart and must select a shade that have been used at the time of construction of your house. When you have a simple house, you will need a fewer colour to paint.

2. Move on with tone on tone scheme

The tone on tone scheme are in use throughout Indian houses from very old times. This scheme is designed to put together different shades from the colour belonging to same family.
Even you can use any colour which you like and add one or more wall as a compliment tone for the character added.

3. Bright it Up

For the people who wants to get a bright colour theme they can choose up an European colour palette. Indian Houses goes best with simple and sophisticated tones.
Although you can choose part of an area to paint it up with bright colours.

4. Introduce Texture

Let me tell you that your home exterior need not to be just plane and bare walls with the colours. You can try to add texture walls with a combination of some suitable colours of some unique outlook.

5. Paint up the doors

Indian homes are not made up to be limited for the walls only. While, experimenting with colours of the door can be interesting and you can try out some bold colours for the doors. Doors are the part of exteriors and they can give your house a magical look.

6. Think about your neighbours

Try taking some ideas from your neighbourhood but remember not to copy their colour exactly the same. Choose that colour which goes best with your chosen colour theme of the house. If you have same architecture as your neighbours you can take up some idea from them.

7. Check out roof

Imagine that your is a canvas, but it’s not a blank canvas. Keep in mind that some of the colours are already filled in that. Find out if your roof is made up of Shingle, Metal, Terracotta etc. because materials that are gathered to build up a roof have their own colour. When you are going to take up the exterior paint for roof, it should harmonize the paint of rest of the house. jaipur putai wala paint fro interior and exterior of house and you can see our paint gallery of completed house painting work in jaipur.

8. Add dark for some drama

When you will add some dark colour to corner side of the house or edge side of the house it will help to grab attention and add up some drama. This technique is famous for accented banding, you can see it commonly any house of USA. Use the darker shades to accent recesses and highlight the details with light tines of colours. Jaipur putai wala is the one of them from many painters in jaipur.

house painting is show your position in society. So these were some of the tips that you can try to get an idea of paint colour of your house. See Exterior Paint Gallery Try them and make changes in your house. In jaipur many people call us as painting wala if you are looking for best painting contractor near you in jaipur for paint your house, home in jaipur. call us at 9672224060 or Get Free Estimate of your painting work.