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Types of Paint Options for an Attractive False Ceiling

What are the false ceilings?

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A false ceiling is an extension to an already existing roof in a building. Also known as the dropped ceiling or T-bar ceiling, it is mainly used as a decor in homes. This technique started as a practice in commercial buildings, but soon got adopted in the residential buildings. If you contact any painter near me, you will get to know the several advantages of having a false ceiling in your homes.

Top Paint Options for False Ceilings

While we will let you know about the potential benefits of having a false ceiling for your home, it is important to know about the common paint options as well that help in enhancing the overall aesthetics. Here are some of our top picks:

  • Distemper Paint: There are two variants when it comes to distemper paint for your false ceilings –oil distemper & dry distemper. The leading false ceiling contractors in Jaipur make use of both the distemper paint options when it comes to beautifying the overall appearance of the false ceilings. Distemper is typically a brush applied, and is known to impart a better appearance than the conventional white-washes of the walls.
  • Plastic Paint: The water-based option of plastic paint for your wall or false ceilings is typically based on acrylic and tends to impart a smoother, matte finish to the applied area. Moreover, plastic paints are also known to be highly durable for any given space. The plastic emulsion paints are resistant to excessive humidity in the surrounding as well.
  • Royale Paint: Royale wall paint is known to be a combination of a sealer and a primer. This type of wall paint is typically designer for interior surfaces and come with the green assurance –implying that they do not emit any harmful gases to the surrounding. When you make use of the Royale Paint for the false ceilings at your home, you can be assured of achieving a fine, luxurious appearance throughout. 
  • Royale Play Paint: This paint option is known to leave you with a myriad of colorful options that can spoil your overall choice. With a myriad of colourful options available, you can look forward to designing your false ceilings as well as walls decoratively with this classic paint option. The best thing about the Royale Play Paint is that you can include special effects to the given area including crinkles, weaving, canvas, dapple, spatula, and so more. 

False Ceilings Benefits for Your Home

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Best painter near me and POP false ceiling contractor in Jaipur will tell you that false ceilings have many advantages. Here are some of them.

  1. False Ceiling improves the performance of the air conditioner

One of the significant benefits of a false ceiling is that it enhances the performance of the air conditioner in your home. Gypsum false ceiling is very populor in cities. This happens because a false ceiling reduces the height of a roof, and this, in turn, reduces the volume of air in the room to be cooled. This will result in faster and efficient cooling, and you will also save a lot of money on your electricity bills. This works well for rooms with much higher height, like the living room.

2. False Ceiling provides insulation to the home

If your home has just one ceiling and it is directly exposed to the sun, the chances are that your home would get heated up very fast. If you install a false ceiling, it will trap the heat between the two layers and will prevent your home from getting heated. This means that your home will be way cooler than before.

3. False Ceiling helps hide electrical wiring and ducts

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If you want to give a neat and clean look to the ceiling in your home, you should install a false ceiling. It will not only hide all the electrical wiring and ducts but will also give you extra space to decorate the ceiling. This way, your roof will look clutter-free and more beautiful. Painter in Jaipur will also help you paint this false ceiling so that it looks better.

4. False Ceiling helps in reducing the noise in the house

False ceilings designed by a home painter in Jaipur are made in such a way that they work towards noise reduction. False ceiling is known for excellent sound, and noise absorption and thus helps in reducing the amount of noise in the home. It will make the space quiet and calm. So if you are looking for a peaceful and quiet area in your home, you should install a false ceiling.

5. False Ceiling helps you hide any damage

Getting a roof renovated is a considerable task. It is always not possible to get it done from scratch. When you install a false ceiling, you can hide any damage on your old ceiling. pvc false ceiling are also the best option. This will save you from the expenses of getting the old roof repaired.

6. False Ceiling can be removed easily in case of any damage

It is easy to remove and reinstall false ceilings as compared to repair the original one. Therefore, it is recommended that you contact a POP false ceiling contractor in Jaipur. You can hire the best painting contractor in Jaipur, who will help you adorn the false ceiling in your home. 

House painter in Jaipur can also decorate the false ceiling with figurines that will give your home a stately look. One of the best things about installing false ceilings is that you can change the decor of your home frequently. You would not have to wait for years to do that. This will bring newness into your lives and homes.
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