How You Can Make Improvements In Your House

When you are not opting renovation for your house every week. There’s a bunch of work which you can tackle to add up glamour to your house. Start with Exterior Painting of your house story ends not only here because even most of the ladies have a big wishlist of home projects to bang on, when we get the time and money.

Maybe some of us dreamt of installing a shiplap panel or even give your bathroom a relaxed and coastal touch to our house one day. Here’s an interesting fact i am going to tell you is that you don’t need to win any lottery to accomplish all these desires. Here i am presenting some of the ideas using which you can glam up your house look under $100 or even less than that. These ideas will give your house a million dollar look.

1- Start from Bathroom 

If you wish to have elegant natural stone in your house it’s the time to swap it up with a new granite bathroom and it’s the affordable way to get an elegance bathroom. It’s prices range from 10000 to 15000 Rupee you can go with your choice. You can complete this look with a new faucet and mirror and by this way you will not go over the budget isn’t it cool?

2- Move on to wallpaper 

Who doesn’t love the wallpaper i meanif it’s going to give your room a dramatic touch up. You don’t need to rush off for every wall of your house but you have focus only on one of the wall that will be good enough for a makeover. Makeover of only one wall can be affordable and will save your time also. In this way you don’t have to put all your energy on the entire room. Thus idea works generally for all kinds of walls but if you have a plain wall in your room it will be great.

3- Time to style bookcase

When you have a bookshelf in your room or in a studyroom you can give it an interesting look by assembling an arsenal of coloured objects and paint the wall of the book case with bright colours or sometime you can choose for dusky colour. 

4- Stylised False Ceiling 

A ceiling is said to be the fifth wall of the room. You can choose the blue colour for ceiling as it can give calming look as the sky whilethe colour silver can reflect lights add it up with a jewel tones which works as bravely bold. Try out this look to give your room an iconic look. you can Get free Estimate of false ceiling.

5- Get a stylised kitchen 

If you wish to get rid of those extra elements who used to mess up your kitchen. You should take up an under counter or any swing out corner storage it will be helping you with organizing a clutter zone which is a great solution for heavy and rarely used pots or even if you use the Tupperware. you repaint of interior of kitchen. . 

6- Investment in mattress can be great move

Well your mattress are worth to invest because you need to sleep comfortably. You can even try out Stearns and foaster’s estate line is well wrapped in cashmere to provide winter warmth and summer cool.

7- Dress up your Windows 

Windows are the reason for a healthy room. It should be open all the time so the sunlight and air passes by your room easily and sufficiently.  windows look good if you paint windows with oil paint.

8- Fire up your dining area 

If you are using a dining table that is too big and cover a lot of area then you need to replace it with a little intimate 36 to 48 inch rounded version. Do you remember if you have a giant Chandelier? You need to keep it right over your table so that it will look more special.

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