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The false ceiling is inferior ceiling that is suspended from the main ceiling. These False ceilings are either made of POP (Plaster of Paris) or Gypsum plasterboard. But these days you will find only Gypsum Plasterboard false ceiling being used majorly especially in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Pune, Jaipur, and others. The POP false ceiling is used very rarely today, though it is still popular in villages and rural areas.

Why there is such a difference?

Let’s have a look at the difference between POP False Ceiling and Gypsum plasterboard False Ceiling.

Comparison between POP False Ceiling and Gypsum False Ceiling

POP false ceilings are made of POP powder. The POP powder is rubbed on chicken net that provides mechanical strength. The POP powder is mixed with water onsite and then applied on the mesh which is attached to local metal frame. This produces a lot of wastage. It is then treated and dried. To create a POP false ceiling might take almost a month’s time. Doing a POP false ceiling is not only time consuming but also messy, dusty and gives a much-unpolished finish look.

On the other hand, Gypsum board false ceiling is made using gypsum plasterboards, fixed with a screw to the metal frame which is then connected to the soffit. Gypsum plasterboards are available in larger sheets that POP sheets and therefore there are fewer joints. The joints are finished using a special compound.

Fitting gypsum plasterboard is a faster process that is clean, greatly efficient and healthy with very less dust and muddle as compared to POP false ceiling. Gypsum plasterboard also has more strength as compared to POP. One of the main reason why gypsum boards are used for a false ceiling is because of its unresponsiveness towards water.

Gypsum plasterboard’s false ceiling offers abundant flexibility in design. Gypsum plasterboard’s adaptability makes ii the most preferable product for false ceiling although cost wise there is no much difference in POP sheet and Gypsum plasterboard.

Today, in major cities, the use of gypsum has become so popular that the difference in cost holds little to no impact on the consumer’s choice. The benefits of gypsum — smooth-finished, easy-to-install and less messy — justifying the reasonable increase in cost. In addition to that, if the design is very complex — like multiple layers or involving organic forms — gypsum will get the job done proficiently and in a shorter time-frame. You can also flawlessly pair gypsum with other materials like plywood, glass, etc. for added design features in the ceiling.

Some Tips:

  1. To syndicate the quality material with a shy budget, choose a simple outlying ceiling design and use gypsum boards.
  2. Add false ceiling only to some parts or only as borders to the existing ceiling. In this way, you can retain the main ceiling height at most places (which helps with the spacious feel of the room) while still introducing a design feature.
  3. You can play with the form within this design scheme and include other materials like plywood and glass wherever needed. However, make sure the design still hides wiring.
Best POP false ceiling designs home and office

Factors That Determine the Cost of False Ceilings

  1. The design of the false ceiling, and how ornate and decorative it is;
  2. The availability and pricing of the ceiling material in your local market.
  3. The quality of material used
  4. The total area to be covered (bigger areas tend to have lower per square feet rates as materials can then be ordered in bulk);
  5. Other costs like electrical work, gala cutting, light fixtures and surface finish.

If you add plywood the cost will differ depending on the type of plywood used (commercial is economical, waterproof ply is comparatively expensive, and PVC wood is cheaper than both), the type of laminate or facings used to finish the surface (veneers are expensive), and the complexity of the design (how it effects the quantity of material and skilled labour required).

If you add insert glass The costing will need to take into account the kind of glass used (clear, opaque, textured), and the size and product of glass used. Acrylic can be a cheaper substitute to glass, but its ability to diffuse light will differ from glass. There is also the option of Fibreglass which is used in commercial area more. It is composite in nature.

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