Duco Spray Polish on Iron Gate, Iron Grill

Jaipur putai wala provides Duco paint services in Jaipur.  Duco paint extends your iron gate life and give a better look.

Duco Paint has some process below.

1. Sanding (Ghisai) iron door or grill

you can see in below video first we need to clear and kind of dust, we need to clean the gate so we do the next process.

2. NC Putty Filling

After Sanding the iron material for duco polish we will fill NC Putty to fill gaps and joint then we will apply surface primer spray again we will check coating if we left anything if we find missing gap we will fill the gap again with NC Putty then do the surface primer spray and final check all gaps and joints are filled properly then we will move to the next process.

3. Duco Spray Polish

Now we are ready to apply Duco Spray polish on iron doors and grill let’s start it. In video you can see in the video a painter doint duco paint by spray machine.

Below this is the final polish duco process.

Final Duco Polish Look on Iron Gate and Gril


I hope you like the Duco Polish Process. if you are looking for House Paint, Wood or Iron Polish work, or False ceiling call us. you will get the best work in best price Call 9672224060.