putty pasting on wall by worker

Difference between Wall Putty and POP, Which one is better for wall ?

After make house and plaster work many home owners are confused about what should they have to apply wall putty or pop on wall ? let’s have a look on both are see the difference?

Wall putty is made by white cement-based powder(Birla White) and it’s apply on plain wall and minimum 2 coat putty is required for finishing for paint area. putty can be apply on interior as well as exterior.

Let’s have a look on advantage of putty

  1. Wall putty is more durable compared to pop cause it’s made from cement based product and it boost the wall life.
  2. After wall putty it’s provide strong connection with a wall.
  3. Wall putty is water resistance so it’s work like waterproof layer between wall and paint and paint life is exceed.
  4. putty provide best finishing of wall.

Let’s have a look on advantage of POP

POP stands for Plaster of Paris cause and it’s made by gypsum that found near the Paris.

  1. After apply wall putty the thikness will be 1.5 mm to 3 mm but in pop it will be 5 mm to 12 mm.
  2. We don’t recommend pop on exterior wall cause it’s made from gypsum plaster and it’s not best for rain, bad weather, dust will make weak.
  3. There are 3 types of pop we do on wall Gurumala, Fanti and Sawalsuit.
  4. POP doesn’t catch fire cause it’s made from fire retardant material and it’s work like thermal insulation layer that will help to reduce heat and keep cool the temperature from outside wall.
  5. POP doesn’t remove from wall easily and not make crack if we apply pop properly on walls.

As we said wall pop has three method.

  1. Gurumala 6 MM
  2. Fanti 8 MM
  3. Sawalsuit 12 mm

1. Gurumala : we didn’t recommend that cause the surface is 6 mm thickness and the finishing is not up to mark cause the laveling of pop not make in line always get the up and down after paint it’s visible and looks bad.

How to apply Gurumala pop on wall

Worker apply pop by patti like the same we apply putty and it’s best for putty but not for pop and they don’t use other technique to smoothness the pop.

2. Fanti : It’s provide medium quality of pop finishing on the wall and the thinkness is 8 mm and still has some up and down on the wall and comparison to gurumala.

How to apply Fanti POP on wall

Worker apply pop by patti and last they use the 6 ft fanti to make smooth the pop that help to reduce up and down

3. Sawalsuit : This is the best method to apply pop on wall and the thikness is 12 mm and it’s provide best finishing and laveling of pop on walls.

How to apply Sawalsuit POP on wall

Worker apply pop by patti and last they sure make laveling by suit it’s tool worker will use to do finishing the wall.

if you walls are new we suggest apply putty on exterior and interior and if your walls are bad or old should choose sawalsuit pop or you can do on new also.

I hope you have get all answers of your putty and pop on wall questions.

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