gypsum tile false ceiling office, house, teen shade jaipur

2 by 2 T-Grade False Ceiling Contractor maker for Home, Office, Teen Shade in Jaipur

We provide Limited Gypsum False Ceiling 2X2 Tile for Office and the most we are using in Iron Teen Shade room and house.

Benefits of 2 x 2 Grid Tile False Ceiling Benefits

  1. Lightweight
  2. Plug and installed
  3. Temperature Controlled
  4. Easy to install
  5. Gypsum Lamination Coated
  6. Installed any big or small place
  7. Install Iron teen shade.
  8. Install Cement teen shade
  9. No Paint Required
  10. Come in different design pattern
  11. Come In the color shade
  12. In Budget

t grade white false ceiling

See Below Working video of worker how he is installing 2 by 2 laminated coated gypsum tile in a room.

See Full Designs of False Ceiling Tiles and Shades.

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